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Review: Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

This sequel has had to wait an awful long time to come to full fruition. The original Wasteland was released way back in 1988 for the Apple II and was then ported to Commodore 64 and MS DOS, yeah I think I was 3 years old when it came out so I’m not among those … Continue reading

Review: Life Is Strange

If you want to know how it feels like to be a teenager, you can rewind time playing Life is Strange. This is an episodic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix in 2015. The episodic format allows for the slow pace of the plot. I think the nostalgic feel to the … Continue reading

E3: 7 Indie Games That Show Promise

Usually these are AAA games that are given excessive attention during E3. This, however isn’t the case for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo where publishers known for AAA titles have been involved in the production of indie games. This should come as no surprise in the era of crowdfunding and programmes supporting indie developers. Below … Continue reading

Red Dead Redemption 2: What We’d like To See

Thanks to an information leak a while ago it seems that E3 may have an unveiling of Red Dead Redemption 2. After what a massive impact GTA V had on the gaming world and it’s incredible level of graphics and all around gameplay the prospect of that being implemented into the wild west is a … Continue reading

Review: Fallout 4 Automatron

The first DLC for Fallout 4 arrived yesterday and attempts to freshen up the Commonwealth for us with a new adventure to embark on. It starts with a distress call of a trading caravan under attack, when you arrive on the scene you find it under heavy assault from some bizarre looking robots. Once you … Continue reading

Review: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

It feels like I’ve spent months away playing The Witcher 3, after finishing up the prologue and given a bare bones tutorial of the game’s general workings it still felt like I knew very little and had a lot to learn about it. In this process of learning more of the game as I went … Continue reading

Fallout 4: What I Didn’t Like

First off let me say that I love Fallout 4 and have spent 2 play throughs having a huge amount of fun with it. Through both of those 100+ hour jaunts I had a huge amount of fun but the further I went the more I began to notice the limitations that the game had … Continue reading

Why Didn’t Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Have The Same Impact As The Rest?

I would probably class myself as a large Borderlands fan. I wouldn’t say the number one fan in the world, or the most competent – I certainly do not have the hours to spend with working out the loot drops, to know which bosses are the best to farm, nor finish the game on a … Continue reading

TGD Update!

Good morning all! It has been a while since we last posted, so here is an update for you! Basically there are still a number of things in the pipeline – I, Em, have been so completely captivated playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2 that I haven’t really played any other games recently and there’s not … Continue reading

GTA V DLC – What we would like to see!

This article is written by Tom Hynes So it’s been a while since the release of GTA V and undoubtedly many of us have already finished the single player campaign (some possibly more than once) and are currently deeply involved in GTA online. Whilst it’s fun, the online multiplayer isn’t the same as the single … Continue reading

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