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Review: Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

This sequel has had to wait an awful long time to come to full fruition. The original Wasteland was released way back in 1988 for the Apple II and was then ported to Commodore 64 and MS DOS, yeah I think I was 3 years old when it came out so I’m not among those … Continue reading

Review: Life Is Strange

If you want to know how it feels like to be a teenager, you can rewind time playing Life is Strange. This is an episodic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix in 2015. The episodic format allows for the slow pace of the plot. I think the nostalgic feel to the … Continue reading

Review: Fallout 4 Automatron

The first DLC for Fallout 4 arrived yesterday and attempts to freshen up the Commonwealth for us with a new adventure to embark on. It starts with a distress call of a trading caravan under attack, when you arrive on the scene you find it under heavy assault from some bizarre looking robots. Once you … Continue reading

Review: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

It feels like I’ve spent months away playing The Witcher 3, after finishing up the prologue and given a bare bones tutorial of the game’s general workings it still felt like I knew very little and had a lot to learn about it. In this process of learning more of the game as I went … Continue reading

Review: League of Legends: 2015 World Championship Quarter Finals

There likely isn’t words for the heightened excitement bubbling outside The SSE Arena, Wembley. The queues, waiting for the white doors of the Arena to open, eagerly anticipating the battles that will make up League of Legends biggest event of the year – Worlds. It’s the first time Worlds has graced the UK, the second … Continue reading

Review: Armikrog

In 1996, a clay animation point and click by the name of Neverhood was released, featuring plasticine protagonist Klaymen against the evil Klogg, who was responsible for stealing Hoborg, the son of Quatar’s crown and sending him into a deep, deep, sleep. Nearly 2 decades later and after direct sequels such as the adventure platformer … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Devastation

Written by Tom Hynes Earlier this year I saw a first glimpse of Transformers Devastation and I felt an ambivalent hit of excitement and fear. Excitement that this looked like a great Transformers game based on the 80’s cartoon but fear that a Generation 1 Transformers game may not be created with the care and … Continue reading

Review: Concrete Jungle

I first came across Concrete Jungle at EGX Rezzed in 2015. Hidden away next to what was arguable an extremely busy multiplayer game, lead (and only) developer Cole Jefferies introduced myself and a friend to the game with a flurry of enthusiasm. With some hesitation, we both sat down to try the game, discovering that … Continue reading

Review: EGX 2015 – The New Heavy Weight in Game Expos

In the UK, we get a few short, but sweet, Summer months to enjoy. These weekends are stereotypically filled to the brim with BBQs in back gardens, open aired cinemas, trips to the swimming pool and giant summer blockbuster movies. Then, as if overnight, social media takes a swoop towards an Autumn of overwhelming hype … Continue reading

Review: Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws Of Hakkon DLC

Written by Tom Hynes The first major piece of DLC for last year’s stunning third installment of the Dragon Age saga finally made it’s way to XBox 360 so I could play it. Having exhausted Dragon Age Inquisition on no less than 2 playthroughs I was ready to delve in headfirst and see how much … Continue reading

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