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Who writes for The Games Diary?

There’s quite a few people who write for us, or contribute in some way. At the moment, there’s Emz (that’s me) I set the blog up, manage it and write some reviews and articles. There’s Paz, who tends to do hilarious YouTube videos, Tom who writes reviews and ranty posts, and Ben who is the newest addition who is our token casual gamer who is being taken on a world of fun of games. Yay!

There’s so many games websites! Why did you start this blog in the first place?! You’ll never succeed!! You’ll fail miserably!! 

Well, you see, we only discovered recently that we had a huge amount in common with regards to video games. Can you believe that we had known each 12 years and only discovered in the last one that we had a huge passion for gaming? It’s like re-discovering old friends. It’s an awesome feeling.

And when Paz said that he had set up a YouTube video channel for his game videos, well… I had to get involved. And I’m just far better at talking in text, than talking on a YouTube video. Although maybe in the future!

So what are you going to do with this blog? Like I said, you’ll fail miserably! You won’t get an audience! 

Well you see, we don’t really mind about the audience figures. Sure it’d be great if people are going to come along and read our blogs, or hell, if they comment and get involved! We are passionate gamers – we just want to vent. And if people like or enjoy this blog, we will be beyond happy. This blog is going to be about everything from our good days in gaming (such as the day I finally manage to get a 100% completion rate for my xbox achievements on any game… ever) to our bad days in gaming (such as the day I broke my Banjo Kazooie N64 cartridge out of sheer game rage).

We don’t have a huge design for this blog – we’re not going to be super strict. We just want to talk games, just like we live them. And we’re always excited if people want to get involved.

One of our biggest concerns was that we are three normal people – we have normal full time jobs, and games are a hobby to us. A serious hobby. So we couldn’t commit to doing a serious website where we would promise reviews the moment a game comes out, or to preview a game before release. But we do want to talk about them – we do want to have a chance to play the game in full, to say what we thought, to make some guides and FAQs to help others out, to communicate with other gamers on the games we love and hate. Heck – I want to disagree about games with people. I want to start a conversation. And we both wanted to do this from one gaming hobbyist to another.

You’re not going to do this seriously? Wait… then what’s the point?

Well there is a point. The internet is full of gamers just spilling their thoughts about games, or new technology, or laughing at fails or bugs. We want to join them. Alas most forums are… interesting… to communicate in, and well, although in the past we’ve reviewed for websites, it’s difficult to keep up the steam when you’ve got a full time job! 

Wait – I would want you to review for our website. Why don’t you do that?

Interesting. We’ll always put the Games Diary first as a hobby and for fun, but if there was something serious out there, well, we wouldn’t say no. Just drop us an email!

Wait – I don’t like your writing style, nor your blog, and I found some errors. What are you going to do?

Well, firstly we would love to know if you’ve spotted any factual errors! Although we are opinionated, and we will rant and vent as much as we want with our opinion (because you know… it’s ours), if there are factual errors you’ve spotted, let us know! We want to fix them.

And then secondly, we’d have to wave goodbye and part ways! We can’t force you to enjoy our blogs, and although we like to debate and discuss games, we don’t really like pure hate coming at us. I’m sure there is a blog or a website out there that suits you better than us!

What if I wanted to write something for the Games Diary? I too, love games and want to get involved!

Great! Why don’t you drop us an email – say a bit about yourself, and give us a bit of blurb about your favourite games and what you feel like you could bring to the blog. We love everything – and we love humor and open-mindedness.

You mentioned that Paz has a YouTube channel for his games videos. Where is it?

Paz is called TheRationalSound on YouTube. Check out the channel HERE

I hear that you have a brand new YouTube channel. Is this true?


What’s Ben’s and Tom’s band like?

It’s kick ass and you should totally follow them, immediately. You should follow them HERE.

Where can I find out more about you guys?

On this blog – check our profiles out!



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