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Red Dead Redemption 2: What We’d like To See

Thanks to an information leak a while ago it seems that E3 may have an unveiling of Red Dead Redemption 2. After what a massive impact GTA V had on the gaming world and it’s incredible level of graphics and all around gameplay the prospect of that being implemented into the wild west is a vastly exciting one to say the least. What new features could it include? Where will the journey take us? With the little information we have it’s hard to say but here’s a list of what I’d like to see included.

A Larger, More Densely Populated Map

Red Dead’s game world was beautifully made and felt very authentic with the dusty trails around Armadillo, the drier desert plains of Mexico and the lush forests and snowy peaks of Tall Trees. There were many times where it all felt a bit empty in between some of the big settlements with not much happening, in some areas of Mexico it felt like a huge journey between some of the locations which ended up getting a bit tiresome. There should be more to see and do in the next game to add to the sense of wonder and adventure that the wild west conjures up. Though if the information leak is to be believed then it seems this wish will be fulfilled.

Better Equipped, More Equipment

There was a decent selection of gear on offer throughout Red Dead but for thorough players near the end of the game there was very little to spend your excess cash on aside from playing cards and the like for high stakes. It’d be nice to see some really specialist high end equipment on offer for those who earn the money to spend on it. The outfit scrap collecting was also a great idea but I think the same could be done with weapon parts to construct some extra powerful weaponry. Taking a leaf out of The Witcher 3’s book and having equipment for your horse such as saddles, saddlebags and blinkers to make your horse more than just transport and give it extra use for storage and combat readiness.


Get That Horse Better Equipped!

There’s Gold In Them There Hills

The side quests in Red Dead were excellent, the challenges, stranger missions all added a great extra flavour to the game which made it more cohesive. I expect to see these return in the sequel but it would be nice to see the addition of other activities fitting with the era and setting, if there’s to be more to spend your hard earned money on then other ways to earn money. Prospecting could add huge side quests to the game, from heading out and panning for it in streams to finding the source of it, to digging areas out to find more to marking out an area to be mined.

Location And Quest Variety

Whilst the main campaign of Red Dead was a terrific story with some amazing characters the variety in locations seemed to lack. Everywhere looked terrific and felt very authentic but it was rare when you’d get taken aback by a location’s unique feel. We had our fill of run down hideouts but the truly great ones that stick out were few and far between. The mine at Gaptooth Breach, Fort Mercer, The Wreck Of The Serendipity and Dutch’s mountain hideout are the main ones that stick in my mind but beyond that there aren’t many more. With an extra body of water present in the sequel how about a shoot out on a functioning and in motion paddle steamer this time around? How about a shoot out on a passenger train with a view to a possible heist? Hell, how about a bank heist? Heists were a huge part of GTA V so it’d be surprising if they didn’t make it to Red Dead Redemption 2.


Shootouts in run down locations such as these are the bread and butter of the game but there’s something to be said for more extravagant locations 

Another Great Frontier

Red Dead Redemption was an incredible journey which took it’s fair share of twists and turns throughout the massive single player story line. It’s probably the game I’ve revisited most of all Rockstar’s games and is one that I hope they get as right as they did with GTA V. If the leaked info is to be believed then we’ll hopefully hear something very soon.



One thought on “Red Dead Redemption 2: What We’d like To See

  1. Why does no one give Rockstar any shit for the shambles they let RDR’s online multiplayer turn to? Whether they abandoned it to the hackers or intentionally ruined it to get more people to jump onto GTA V, it is a damn shame what they let that game become.

    Posted by Chicken A La Kinky | June 10, 2016, 8:01 pm

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