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Review: Fallout 4 Automatron

The first DLC for Fallout 4 arrived yesterday and attempts to freshen up the Commonwealth for us with a new adventure to embark on. It starts with a distress call of a trading caravan under attack, when you arrive on the scene you find it under heavy assault from some bizarre looking robots. Once you deal with these you find that the only survivor of this assault is a robot named Ada. She asks you to help her seek vengeance for her caravan by seeking out these robots who were supposedly built by The Mechanist and have begun terrorizing the Commonwealth.

After a short bit of robot hunting you’ll also be facing a new raider faction called the Rust Devils who similarly to The Mechanist use robots for their own means or strip for parts. They’ve recently arrived in The Commonwealth to presumably continue their search and be a general nuisance as raiders usually do.

Short But Sweet

The story element of this DLC I have to say is disappointingly short, there are only two new dungeons to explore and even if you extensively loot both locations you’ll be hard pressed to make it last near four hours. However, these dungeons are fantastically well put together with plenty of traps, ambushes and loot to encounter they’re definitely some of the most fun I’ve had with the game. The Mechanist’s lair serves as a tense but thrilling corridor crawl with bots waiting to pounce around nearly every corner. It’s particularly worth checking the terminals in the Robobrain production facility to get a real sense of incredible science used in a horrific way in their production.

Build A Bot Workshop

The main focus of the DLC isn’t story based though, it’s mainly to introduce the new robot workbench. This lets you modify your new companion Ada into an entirely new robot if you wish and also produce other bots if she’s not to your tastes. You acquire new base parts for your robots by taking down the Mechanist’s bots and stripping their parts off them, which gives a good incentive to seek as many out as possible. There are tonnes of mods and weapons to outfit your bots with to make them into killing machines and also modifiable storage space so that when you’re out collecting materials you can make sure you can head back fully stocked. Did I also mention you can modify robot companions you already have? You can turn Codsworth into a Sentry Bot now if you fancy having a posh talking killing machine at your side.


Yep, you can now have a Sentry Bot accompanying you

New Equipment

As well as this there’s a small amount of new equipment on offer here too. The Tesla Rifle’s a new energy weapon which shoots lightning bolts which can arc between enemies which is as great looking as it is brutal. As well as a whole host of new robot armour pieces which serve as an improvement on the existing metal armour in the game as well as a few other items.

Over Too Soon

As I came to finish off The Mechanist’s lair and complete the DLC I felt like I’d barely scratched the surface and for the robot building element that was true, I still had more to do there but I’m left still hungry for more story. As said previously this is a really fun piece of DLC and does it’s job of revitalizing the game. If Far Harbor’s story is as interesting as this and the huge new environment Bethesda have promised holds many more exciting dungeons as they’ve put together in this then that’ll be worth the wait. Until then we have Wasteland Workshop to look forward to and one of my settlements is under attack by robots. Preston never changes.



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