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Review: League of Legends: 2015 World Championship Quarter Finals

There likely isn’t words for the heightened excitement bubbling outside The SSE Arena, Wembley. The queues, waiting for the white doors of the Arena to open, eagerly anticipating the battles that will make up League of Legends biggest event of the year – Worlds.

It’s the first time Worlds has graced the UK, the second year LoL has taken over Wembley and it was the first time it was ever live streamed onto BBC Three. These are big factors, truly representative of the ginormous franchise that League is. Last year was the EU LCS, a simple league game to determine who would represent and go to Worlds – it was nowhere near the grandeur and sheer size that Worlds is. This is where the absolute world leader of League would be decided. Or, at least, the Quarter Finalists.

Myself and League of Legends enthusiast and live streamer Ben aka DigiTsuna attended the Friday night match up – luckily, one of the most intriguing line ups of the entire four day schedule – SKTelecom 1 versus ahq E-Sports. It was time to see if Faker – known up until this point as being undefeated – and his team could pull through and succeed over the eager ahq.

The overwhelming favour for Faker to continue his dominating streak saw most of the presenters place their bets on SKT to succeed; but the crowds were chanting and giving their full support for the underdogs ahq, many with their own cardboard signs held high in pride.

The first two matches proved little fight for SKT, with ahq trying to gain ground and ultimately a variety of tactics against the ominous power they knew faced them. The third – and most critical battle as it was the last win SKT required to move on to the Semi Finals – saw a great burst of power and aggression from ahq. The change in tactics saw them positively control the map and the game for a period of time, before ultimately being shut down by the SKT crew.

The atmosphere throughout the games was nearing euphoric – even the audience members wholely supporting ahq, got excited at the deliverance of plays and kills by SKT. It is a truly remarkable experience – within this arena, within this space, gathered are the multitude to cheer and boo on a tournament which ultimately exists in an online space. An experience that, even if streamed online or on national television, doesn’t translate as well as being there in person.

At this current juncture, SKTelecom 1 are now in the Finals, facing KOO Tigers in the last tournament of this year’s Worlds. Held in Berlin, Germany, our hopes turn to Twitch and other live streaming broadcasters. We’ll be on the edge of our seats – could SKT really bring it on home for the Korean teams? It’s this coming Saturday 31st October 2015. Don’t miss out – watch the Riot Games Twitch Livestream here.

If you’re not too savvy with the gameplay of League of Legends, you can check out last year’s review, which gives a very brief glimpse right here.

Can’t choose between multiple LoL Broadcasters outside of the Worlds Championship? We recommend kicking it back with our blog colleague and resident LoL knowledge base, DigiTsuna. Visit the Twitch page here

The SSE Arena, Wembley plays host to a variety of live events including e-sports and other sports franchises. For more information about the venue and to look at exciting nights out, visit them here. Also, bookmark the page for booking tickets for next year’s LoL events! 


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