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Resident Evil 2 Remake: The Possibilities

Written by Tom Hynes

So Capcom have finally given in and realised that a Resident Evil 2 remake is something that we’d all like to play. It’s an exciting prospect seeing as Resident Evil 2 was such a big jump in the evolution of the Resident Evil series. It expanded on the gameplay ideas of the first game and showed how serious a threat the T Virus outbreak could be to the world through a great storyline with the introduction of protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. So with this in mind it’d be fitting that this remake is in fitting with the jump forward of the first and second games and for this to be a massive step forward from the remake of the original Resident Evil. So with that in mind I’ve had a think and I’m not going to put forward a wishlist but a list of a few things that I think are possibilities as well as some elements that I’d like to see.

Graphical Update

This is an obvious one I know but a good graphical update is what’s needed first and foremost. When this is being carried out i feel it must be done in a careful manner as not to detract too heavily from the atmosphere of the original and try to remain respectful to it’s source material. Whilst it’s still a dark and foreboding game it had some elements of light as to suggest that areas like the Raccoon City Police Department had just been vacated in a hurry. I think there could be more signs of struggles placed around to accentuate that fact but there should still be sections left that look like they haven’t been inhabited or touched in some time which is also important as these seemingly quiet areas open up big possibilities for scares and surprises.

Heavier Utilisation of the A/B Scenario

One of the game’s biggest replayability factors was the introduction of if you completed the game with one character first time around then you’d have the opportunity to play as the other character in a B scenario. This was where you’d start the game in a slightly different starting point and follow a different path through the game. This was a really big new possibility for the series in general but it felt like the only really big effect on either game was the choice of taking either the Submachine Gun or the Side Pack for extra storage from the locker room around half way through the game plus the corridor where you could repair the metal shutters so you wouldn’t get zombies infesting that hallway and making it harder to get to and from the sewers.

What’s needed is a greater expansion of possibilities across the scenarios to make your actions in that first scenario matter. Left some ammo lying around? It’s waiting for you in scenario B, didn’t kill those zombies as it was easier to run? They’re still there and a couple of stragglers have wandered into a new area where you wouldn’t usually find them, decided to take a tougher route as you had the ammo to deal with it? The easier route is open to be taken in scenario B. These kind of choices will make it a far more interesting and strategic experience gearing up for scenario B and make you think much harder about the choices you make and how they’ll affect it.

Weapon Upgrading

Resident Evil 2 was the first game in which you could find parts for your weapons when playing as Leon and upgrade your handgun, shotgun and magnum. This was a great addition as it meant you could retain use of the shotgun against the game’s toughest enemies and would make the magnum the most powerful weapon Leon could get in the game aside from the rocket launcher. Sadly this wasn’t carried across to Claire’s playthrough though she had access to a grenade launcher with the variety of explosive, acid or flame rounds. Maybe it’s worth considering that some extra upgrades should be made available to Claire’s weaponry such as upgrades for the bowgun or at least beef up her Sparkshot weapon to make it a bit better than a glorified cattle prod as it was in no way a good substitute for that beefed up magnum.

Original View or Over The Shoulder?

This may or may not be being taken into consideration by Capcom but the vids of the fan made remakes of RE2 have been done so the camera view is over the shoulder akin to Resident Evil 4 onwards. The question  is would this necessary for the remake? Iit’d mean a dramatic overhaul to the gameplay mechanics in general to do this and you’d end up with a far different feeling game than the original. On the other hand it could create more opportunities for new ways of the game being played. Hopefully we will soon have some answers on how Capcom will be going forward but on the strength of the original remake I’m pretty hopeful that whichever is decided on will end up being great either way.

Don’t Modify The Big Moments Too Heavily

Some of the very best moments in Resident Evil 2 were the big cutscenes and new monster reveals. The first time you encountered a Licker, seeing the mutations and transformations of William Birkin throughout the game and the gun shop encounter are parts of the game that should be respectfully kept relatively untouched in my opinion. With the exception of enhancements to bring them in line with the rest of the update they should bear quite a likeness to the original and be respectful to the source material.

Keep The Post Game Rewards

There were a number of great things to unlock once you’d beat the game, you could unlock infinite ammo for the SMG and Rocket Launcher, earn the Gatling Gun with infinite ammo plus the Hunk and Tofu scenarios as well as Extreme Battle Mode which was included in the Dualshock edition. All of these in my opinion deserve inclusion and expansion such as upgrades for the main game for completing Hunk and Tofu’s scenarios giving you extra health or extra weapon power perhaps.

The Extreme Battle Mode was the second inclusion of such a mode in a Resident Evil game. You could pick from playing as Leon, Claire, Chris Redfield or Ada and could pick from 3 difficulty levels. Along the way you had to find and collect 4 anti virus bombs in order to complete the game. As this was an early inclusion you had to explore most of the areas in the original game sequentially in order to find them from your starting point in the lab. It was fun and a good idea though it was somewhat time consuming traipsing through every area in the game. I’d like to see it included but in a more polished way that doesn’t require roughly 2 hours to get through plus if online leaderboards are included this could make it into a pretty competitive part of the game.

Reason To Be Excited

Unlike the remake or the original Resident Evil we don’t fully know what we’re going to get in this remake of RE2 which is an exciting prospect. As I’ve highlighted there are some big possibilities as to what we will and won’t get and as this was such an incredible sequel it’s deserving of an incredible remake. I therefore hope that they treat this with the same level of care they did with RE1 and I’m pretty confident that they will. So come on Capcom, let’s get some of these questions answered!


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One thought on “Resident Evil 2 Remake: The Possibilities

  1. Brilliant blog! I was excited from the announcement but you have really got my mind thinking about this now. The jump from the original RE to the Game Cube was huge and 50 longer so I would expect a similar extension. I really liked your idea of encountering zombies which weren’t killed tye first time round and would give more of an unpredictable reply.

    Posted by The Mohan Magic | September 25, 2015, 10:13 pm

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