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My Adventures in Final Fantasy XIV Part 5 – What Happens After Heavensward?

The sense of accomplishment washes over me like a wave; thrilling, exciting in the first second, gone and lost amongst the tide the next. The end of Heavensward’s main storyline was pivotal to my current playthrough, feeling me with what felt like endless missions, several new dungeons and trials and a whole wealth of new objectives impending in patches to come. So when the credits started rolling, I felt a little lost – I had been so captivated in the expansion I had not permitted myself to do anything other than the above, except for some sightseeing logs when and where possible (the Apkallu penguin minion is certainly on my list!).

This isn’t a negative of the game – in fact, it’s a thrilling positive. Captivating, intriguing, all I want to do is to keep playing a storyline which is currently held until the next expansion or next patches. I strongly suggest anyone starting out that you don’t rush through the A Realm Reborn main storyline, or the ARR patches, just to get to Heavensward – take your time, enjoy each mission, really savour the entire game. Elements of the history and issues surrounding your protagonist and the world of Eorzea are given in the ARR main storyline and to rush through misses out on really enriching the experience to the maximum.

So after sitting through the credits (it’s a tradition to not speed through or close them… a lot of people work on every game!) I was left with a quest hand in and then… nothing. So I took my heart in my hands and carried on with a few, alternative side quests that I had wanted to start or had already started.

Recapping, the below list shows where I was on the last article and where I am now!

  • Level 55 Dragoon > Level 60 Dragoon
  • Level 23 Gladiator
  • Level 31 Warrior
  • Level 34 Fisher
  • NEW: Level 10 Culinarian

And the other statistics of interest:

  • 2 Retainers: Buttstallion (Fisher) and Snookums (Warrior) > changed Snookums to Dragoon
  • 45 Minions > 63 Minions
  • 9 Mounts > 15 Mounts
  • Trusted Level with Amal’jaa
  • Trusted Level with Sylphs
  • Recognised Level with Kobolds > Now Trusted Level with Kobolds
  • Friendly Level with Sahagin > Now Trusted Level with Sahagin
  • NEW: Recognised Level with Ixali

So – Dragoon class automatically levelled up significantly by playing through the main Heavensward storyline and the new trials and dungeons. It was also handy that I was using my Dragoon class to hand in some of the daily tribe quests and receive the experience from this. So this is not really anything new, or of interest that I feel really suitable to discuss in any more detail, as this was detailed quite a bit in the previous article.

However, new on the list is the Level 10 Culinarian – the very first Disciple of the Hand class for Chii Meow. With the requirement to have a Disciple of the Hand class for the Ixali beast tribe quests, it seemed only appropriate to start off on a class which is perhaps my favourite so far, the Culinarian. It is incredibly relaxing (well… this was something that I found) as well as progressively getting better whilst creating a product you can use or sell. Perhaps it is just me who is amused by this, that you can just find a location, get your crafting log out and carry on producing meals and ingredients left, right and centre, but it does. I’ve spent the majority of my playtime in FFXIV as a Dragoon – a DPS class which goes around stabbing and slashing enemies for little more than the enjoyment of doing so. The Culinarian class to me, has opened up the whole breadth of the game and really started to show how much there is to do in the game – an incredible, overwhelming amount. My worries that I had finished Heavensward are unfounded, when I have simply so much to do for all these other new classes.

I only managed to reach Level 10 of Culinarian in my limited time since finished Heavensward (work has been particularly hectic) but I am really looking forward to obtaining new ingredients and getting better on my crafting rotations to hit higher quality options and items.

Other changes made to my character and account include changing my retainer Snookums from being a Warrior to a Dragoon – I had not known that the retainers were limited to the level you had reached on a class and so wanted to move her onto a class where she could hit level 50 and bring home the bacon. This is why it is important if you’ve not played FFXIV before to really ensure you read the tutorials or take the advice of your Free Company – I would have been stuck wondering why her level was locked at 31 and just sending her repeatedly on missions without gaining much more than I had already.

Mounts and minions have also been a primary activity – hunting down the various minions which can easily be purchased with gil from vendors in the older ARR areas and others, have been so much fun. I have to admit; when I first started playing this game there were perhaps only 1 or 2 minions which I knew I wanted to have but the others I wasn’t so fussed upon. I desired the fatty chocobo and the fat cat, which thanks to my Player 2, were obtained and in my collection before I knew it. It became something more… it became a desire to try and see how many I could get. I know that I won’t be able to get them all, there are so many which were pre-order bonuses for the game, or the collectors edition, or even for the soundtrack which I cannot obtain anymore – but I would like to try and see where I got. It has already shocked me comparing the figures that I managed to go from 45 to 63 in such a short time – nearly 20 minions!!! And to go from 9 mounts to 15 – that’s incredible! Fortunately I know some are simply from focusing on the end of the Heavensward main storyline, hence the sudden jump. From here on out, it will be a little more difficult to get these minions and mounts in, but I am not going to let it get to me – I will make my collections as large and as vast as possible!

So it took many months, but I finally completed all the daily quests for the Kobolds and the Sahagin, obtaining both their mounts and minions as well. I have only the Ixali left, which I have already started now I have a Disciple of the Hand class that I am levelling up. According to the logs and to information passed on to me, there are seven levels to go through for the Ixali – 2 more than the other beast tribes – so my hopes that I had almost done nearly all the beast tribes have fallen. It will certainly take a long amount of time to complete these – especially with levelling the Culinarian class at the same time (however, hopefully, these hand in hand will help the experience to be raised quicker!). So cross fingers for me – it’s going to be a while before we come back on any information this!

The only item which is not noted from previous article stats is the sightseeing log. I’ve been finding that I have had limited time to play the game recently (usually just evenings) and something that helps me to calm my nerves or to even just chill after a long day of spreadsheets is to complete the sightseeing log. You know what? The sightseeing locations, no matter how frustrating they can be and how annoying when you miss the time slot or the weather, they are so beautiful when you get there. I particularly like Vista 80 which is one located in Mor Dhona. As I waited the five minutes remaining for the emote to work, the sky was a wonderful shade of pink and purple. It is one of those moments where you can really appreciate the environment around you, rather than bursting through DPSing and trying to level up as fast as possible like I perhaps was at the very start.

I only have a grand total of TWO sightseeing vistas left to register; one which is a particularly nasty and frustrating jump that even on mounts I haven’t quite mastered, and another which I just haven’t managed to be around for when the timings come around. When you complete all 80 sightseeing logs (not including the new Heavensward vistas) you receive a rare Apkallu penguin minion, which I am definitely looking forward to as my reward.

I do have some criticisms with the sightseeing log whilst on the PS4: this is my primary console and whilst I do have FFXIV on Steam, there is nothing better than lying in bed, wrapped in a warm duvet with fatty chocobo plush cuddles and playing on the PS4. Aside from the other general PS4 issues I struggle with (the use of the on screen keyboard is a pain but what other options are there except a USB keyboard plugged in, which is not nice to fall asleep on), one of the issues I’ve really struggled with is the jumping and getting to sightseeing points.

At first I thought this was just me – but it appears other seasoned players, when I pass them the controller, have found the same issue. There’s no real way to determine how far you are going to jump. For example, I may have put my character in position and the sightseeing point is on top of a log opposite. I now run forward, holding the jump button and luckily, Chii Meow will go flying through the air and hopefully into the right position. Now, let’s try something which is not so far away, something where running and jumping isn’t so drastic. If I tap the jump button, I am more than likely going to jump on the spot. If I hold forwards and tap, I jump for miles. If I don’t hold forwards, but tap forwards, I may or may not jump miles forward, a little forward, or on the spot. Sometimes, on the days when the sightseeing point is being particularly frustrating, it doesn’t jump at all, no matter how hard you may press.

There’s just not much consistency, you can’t determine as well as you could with a keyboard or mouse, how far you wish to jump forward, or how far forward you are intending to go. Some of the sightseeing points I have completed I have to admit are more likely done from fluke than from skill, with me not touching the controller once it’s in position until the time rolls around.

Now, I’m very willing to accept that it could just be me. It could be just my set up, it could simply be an issue with the controller (albeit, no other issues have presented themselves thus far). However, it is extremely frustrating to simply not know and leave to the coding gods which jump your character is going to do sometimes; and when you have missed it by a fraction, or just jump way over the mark, or have spent the past five minutes jumping on a spot because you only want to go a minimal distance forward (and going any further forward will see you fall to another level of the map and have to run around back to where you were which takes 11 minutes) is extremely nail-bitingly frustrating. If you have suffered the same, then you have my empathy.

So what is next for the lovely Chii Meow? I’m going to take more time to level up my Culinarian and to do the Ixali beast tribe quests wherever possible. This, alongside the final two sightseeing points, Golden Saucer (perhaps even properly trying my hand at Triple Triad and the mini missions) and minion hunting is likely what is to come for the next few weeks. It may be a while before the next FFXIV instalment, but it shall certainly be another progressive filled delight!

The statistics for comparison in our next instalment!

  • Level 60 Dragoon
  • Level 23 Gladiator
  • Level 31 Warrior
  • Level 34 Fisher
  • Level 10 Culinarian
  • 2 Retainers: Buttstallion (Fisher) and Snookums (Dragoon)
  • 63 Minions
  • 15 Mounts
  • Trusted Level with Amal’jaa
  • Trusted Level with Sylphs
  • Trusted Level with Kobolds
  • Trusted Level with Sahagin
  • Recognised Level with Ixali

EDIT: I completed all the sightseeing points just before this blog went live and the Fledgling Apkallu pingu is now my minion. I will never let go of his little green arms, ever.


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