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Our Wishlist For The Borderlands Franchise

Written by the lovely Jason Gilbert aka CanadianBoots! 

Every gamer seems to have a series or a game they most enjoy getting lost in. For me that series would be the Borderlands franchise. There is something about the combo of fast paced action mixed with mild character building that just seems to appeal to me. For the gamer who wants to get right into the thick of the action with not a large amount of thought behind it, the Borderlands series has found a great balance in character development and mindless shooting action.  With talk swirling about the creation of the fourth Borderlands game, this gamer decided to make a wish list of things he would like to see in the coming feature.

Tiny Tina

What more needs to be said than Tiny Tina? This lovable enduring albeit homicidal character has quickly become the fan favorite of many in the Borderland series. That is why Tiny Tina is the first item on my wish list as addition to the next Borderlands game. We need more Tina by the bowl full! Be it a playable character where you get to take control of the iconic kid or a Tina-centric storyline that allows the witty talking, tween to grow as a person. No matter what the role she plays the more Tina in the game the better things will be.

I Love You But Please Shut Up

Now I could sit here and gripe about things I did not care much for in the past Borderlands games but instead I will propose a solution. The problem simply is that during the game the voice chat to my friends tends to be interrupted by the sometimes multiple, and most the time lengthy NPC chatter. Now I understand that this is needed for the furthering of the storyline but the chatter always seems to come up at the worst times! Perhaps a cancel button and the ability to replay chatter later is the answer? Also sometime the playable characters themselves seem to chatter on quite a bit. Maybe an in game option to lower the amount of times your character makes a comment? It’s not the end of the world if this does not happen but it would be nice to hear my friend yell grenade then Doppelganger Jack yelling “We did it Boja!” or whatever the hell it is he is saying as I explode!


Borderlands has had a range of DLC which caters a whole variety of characters and storylines, including Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution and Tiny Tina’s Assault on DragonKeep

Challenge Mode

Even though I am a big fan of the mindless shooting and action I do at times find we are treated like a small dog playing fetch. Our mini map gives us the location of where we need to go negating the need to know what is going on. With the button, crank handle or item flashing there is little to no mystery of what needs to be done. Perhaps a mode where we can turn this off? Or perhaps there could be a part of the game where our Echo Device is hacked or breaks down making us on our own to solve the puzzle? I am not suggesting this game needs to be so hard that we all rage quit or quickly go on YouTube for an answer but it would be nice to have the option not to be spoon fed every location and answer to the problem. I enjoy playing fetch and return, but a change in mission would be nice from time to time.

Stealth Mode

One other mode I would like to see in the Borderlands series is a mission where you don’t need to shoot. Sneaking around and spying are always fun and I would love to see something like that incorporated into this series. Perhaps some hard to get achievements could be linked to the missions. Providing a nice achievements balance between the “Hey you are playing the game, good for you!” achievements we all know and love. Maybe a mission where you need to sneak into a heavily guarded base to steal an item or free a prisoner? Perhaps the characters could dress in disguise? I am sure the Borderlands team could create something like that which would be both nerve racking and funny at the same time.

Time to Get Your Feet Wet

One thing the Borderland series has not done to date is have underwater missions. Sure, there are times we do go underwater like in the Claptrap DLC but there is no action other than standing around listening and slow drowning in the water. It would be nice to see some type of Scuba diving mission and maybe a small sub one could drive around in? The missions and enemies in an underwater world could be endless and would be a refreshing change that could pose new hazards like whirlpools and under-toes making it a wonderful challenge.


Would it be possible to stealth a wizard?

So that’s it…

I am sure I am not the first person to have these ideas and I am sure I will not be the last one either. It would not be the end of the world of none of this appears in the next installment and I am sure no matter what comes out I will lay down my money just the same for it. The Borderlands franchise as created a nice little universe for itself and wonderfully they have left themselves open to countless options on where to take us for adventures. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any ideas of what you would like to see in the next Borderlands game?

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