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My Adventures in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Part 3 – New Classes and Main Story

The lands of Eorzea, varied and beautiful, have provided many hours of escapism for myself over the past few weeks (perhaps even months now… unless I have ‘Local Time’ selected, I lose myself amongst levequests, guildhests, FATEs and hunting logs…). My introduction to the game back in February of this year has seen us successfully complete the original and primary main storyline, reach level 50 for our initial class of Lancer/Dragoon, complete the Dragoon and the Grand Company hunting logs and start a marvellous quest with our Fisherman class. May I just say, there is nothing that rivals in ‘relaxation’ than fishing across the world of FFXIV.

So now that we’ve completed the primary main storyline and the character has reached the maximum level for the Dragoon class, what is there to do now? Is this the end?

Absolutely, of course not. No way. This game is far, far more in depth and with various avenues for us to start exploring. However, considering Heavensward is peeking on the horizon (just under a month away now) it seems wisest to ensure the heroic character Chii Meow is prepared and ready for her adventures in the new expansion. So far, what I understand this means is I need to ensure that I’ve completed the additional main storyline provided since the original game (many additional patches have ensured there are now further main quests to proceed on, all level 50). There are also additional side quests which are crucially important to undertake, including the Labyrinth of the Ancients, Syrcus Tower, The World of Darkness, the many Coils of Bahamut and various others – each unlocking various prizes and delights as well as helping with the grinding of Soldiery and Poetics which in turn helps with the purchase and upgrade of equipment higher than level 50 (so you can reach these new, exciting levels such as i90 and so on).

Relic Weapons
This is also the perfect time to ensure that the main primary class quests are completed – I had luckily completed all the Dragoon quests including the final – as post the primary storyline you are able to start working towards your relic weapons (which are, in their essence, bad ass and awesome, plus have higher attributes so your character can continue levelling). The relic weapon for dragoon looks absolutely incredible and before I started doing my atmas (which I’ll come to very shortly) I had an amazing shiny, glitter lance. It was almost as if this game was tailored to me.

The relic weapon quest is very long winded but does give you plenty to do in addition to all the other hunting logs and quests that are going on. You need to do the same process for each relic weapon for each class; as this is my first, I have only experienced it for my lance, so this may be a very limited recap of what has to be done (or has been!).

To begin on your relic journey, you must first ensure you meet certain criteria – that you’ve completed the original main story line, that you’ve completed your class to the maximum (the class quests to level 50) and then also have ensured you have access in the duty finder for a number of the dungeons on Hard mode. This is relatively easy once you’ve completed the main story and can find the majority of the quest starters in Mor Dhona (for hard mode, anyway). You will then be able to go and speak to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay on a mission called “The Weaponsmith of Legend” who will then send you to speak to Gerolt, a blacksmith located in North Shroud. From here you will go on several back and forth quests, obtaining certain items and fighting certain enemies using your specific weapon as you progress. After you achieve and complete the Relic Reborn quest from Gerolt, you can improve this further by combining 3 Thavnarian Mists (from Revenant’s Toll) to create the Zenith Relic Weapon.

After this point, your many quests and fates, there is even more to do to create an even more powerful and kick ass weapon. Taking your newly shiny made Zenith Relic, you can speak to Gerolt again who will put you in touch with Jalzahn. He endeavours to tell you of ATMAs, which are dropped from fates in certain areas (any fate, any level, but in certain areas only). There are 12 to collect and the 12 of these combined with your relic will transform into the Atma Zodiac Relic. This means a lot of fate grinding – despite that Square have increased the drop rates (now the majority of those playing are not necessarily new and there is so much content to catch up with) you could be grinding areas for hours and hours to get one atma and if your inventory is full when you get it, you’ll see it gloriously fall to the floor and you unable to pick it up. Cue frustration! However, by doing this, your relic weapon then becomes an iLvl 100, which is pretty incredible and from here, you can start on your Animus Zodiac Relic (yes… the relic weapon continues on…).

To start on your Animus Zodiac Relic Weapon (which is currently where I am) you will need to speak to Jalzahn again, who then sends you to Rowena and then G’Jusana in Revenant’s Toll to start on a series of books (each book containing a whole wealth of tasks, from hunting logs, to fates, to dungeons and more). You can only have one book at a time and must be completed in full and once you complete all the books required for your class (there are 9 for Dragoon) you will be given your Animus Zodiac Weapon, with a iLvl 110 on! Fantastic! Working it out, if every book has 3 fates, and 9 books, you’ve got to do approximately 27 unique (and usually, quite difficult fates), 27 dungeons and 90 hunting log items. Be prepared for the long haul! According to my informants, after the Animus Zodiac Weapon you get a further opportunity to upgrade EVEN more with the Novus Zodiac Weapons, but for the sake of not blowing my mind entirely about what we have done and will have to do to get to iLvl 110 with our lance, we’ll try and keep this simple…

Further Main Storyline
So since the original release of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013, the main storyline has been completed many times over by many fans of the game, whether with one character, two, three… maybe more. There was always a need to extend the main storyline from the original and to keep things progressing and moving forward. The current storyline sees the introduction of Good King Moggle Mog XII and Leviathan and a new threat upon the Eorzean society (these make up the first two patches to the game since the first release). You are introduced to new friends and colleagues within the Scions and despite the mission levels continually being level 50, you are given many chances to obtain various goodies, such as materia or lots of money, money, money. According to my informants yet again, there are a further four parts of the main storyline patches to get through prior to really reaching the end of the main storyline, so that’s plenty of hours of work and enjoyment in many new cutscenes and experiences!

I have to admit that so far out of all the dungeons/trials and experiences, Good King Moggle Mog XII is one of my favourites – I am unsure as to why, the process of completing it is quite difficult (with certain patterns you need to learn to the destruction of individual enemies) but the dialogue between characters and the fact they are moogles is probably what pushes it to the front runner for me. Plus, who couldn’t love a challenge called Good King Moggle Mog XII?!

New Classes
One of my favourite aspects of the FFXIV game is that there is no requirement to set up new characters in order to play or learn new classes. In order to change from say, Dragoon into a Marauder (another class I have been doing), all you need to do is approach the Marauder’s Guild and start the mission. They provide you with your first level 1 weapon and you get to follow the Marauder quests up until level 50. It is a little harder to continually level with a class when you’ve completed a lot of the main story quests as these provided a chunk of the main experience points, but it is still possible and a great idea to do these in line with your Challenge Log (which updates weekly and provides you such challenges as completing a certain number of fates, dungeons, battles with your chocobo and many more, each with tens of thousands of additional EXP to be gathered).

It also doesn’t have to be a battle or magic based class either – there are plenty of classes within the Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land strains, including botanist, woodworker, blacksmith, fisher and many more. Each of these are fantastic for gathering, creating and even selling items should you wish, helping to generate good amounts of gil in the marketplace via a retainer (there are lots of tutorial in game for hiring a retainer, who is also able to head out on mini missions for you as well!)

I originally started my second class Marauder back when I had to convert my Lancer into a Dragoon (and you must reach a certain level with an associated class), so luckily I had already started. Right now I’ve hit my level 27 with it, and hoping to hit level 30 by the weekend. I then want to move on to another class, perhaps Black Mage for some magic funtimes!

So our adventures in Eorzea have not finished… in fact, considering all the quests and projects to do, it feels as if my time in Eorzea has only just barely begun! Looking forward to updating this again soon with perhaps more intriguing information about the later levels of Marauder, the new dungeons I’m experiencing and other attributes I’ve not yet had a chance to experience.


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