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EGX, Knee Deep Trailer Released and Retro Games! TGD Update

Inevitably, we’ve been really quite busy (and sick) since EGX Rezzed, but we have some fantastic news which we wish to share with EVERYONE! Shout it out to the whole world!

Emz (EmzOLV) will be attended EGX in Birmingham this coming September. Not only will she be doing another “Top 10 of EGX” but she will also be meeting up with individuals from the Twitch community – such as the TAG (TwoAngryGamersTV) ‘eggs’ and any others who are attending! If you’re going and would love to drop by and say hello, or come and even try some games out with us, then let us know, or feel free to drop her a tweet at @emzolv or a comment/message on FB! She is beyond excited to be going and would love to meet as many of you there as possible.

Also, if you’re not following one of our favourite Communities, TwoAngryGamersTV then make sure you do ASAP!

Additionally in the news; one of our most anticipated games and fourth in our Top 10 from Rezzed, Knee Deep have released a brand new, ominous and intriguing video trailer for the game, in conjunction with their absolutely fabulous Steam Greenlight campaign! We’ve had our hands on the game and given it a play, but those who haven’t, this trailer provides a haunting and theatrical introduction to what’s coming in the near future.

We love to support independent video games and we did love the unique concept and ability to openly choose responses with no fear of ‘dictating an outcome’ so we do highly recommend giving the game a check out not only on YouTube for the trailer, but on their Steam page. You can it that follow button to be kept up to date with how their progress is going, as well as vote for it as a game you’d like to play. Get involved!

Other fantastic news we have is that we’ve managed to drag out the old school Gameboy from it’s lurking hole in the attic, alongside loads of old school games. We’re thinking of catching up with some Game Boy reviews… seeing as we absolutely love our gaming heritage and history, with the Game Boy being one of the most popular and financially successful portable devices to first ever come out. Stand by and keep your fingers crossed for further information on this!

A great opportunity for a reminder here as well: we love to chat games. Come and chat with us on Twitter @tgdtweets or on Facebook! You have an indie game you want to show us about? Tweet us! Have an opinion about a game you wish to discuss? Comment on our FB or the blog!

Also, to leave this update blog on a very positive note, check out our lovely new friend Skye, who is 5 years old, playing the Sonic games with Uncle David on Youtube.  Whilst only a guest contributor to the channel, she reminds us of that childhood gaming innocence ❤ Please click to follow the channel here.


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4 thoughts on “EGX, Knee Deep Trailer Released and Retro Games! TGD Update

  1. We’re also going to be at EGX this year. Saturday and Sunday! We can’t wait.

    Posted by Will_GSRR | April 17, 2015, 11:45 am
  2. It looks interesting. ^_^

    Posted by grievingsparrow | April 18, 2015, 12:38 pm

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