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My Adventures in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Part 2 – The Level 50

Admittedly, it has been a while since I’ve released an update in blog form on TGD, so we must fix this at once! My first playthrough of the main storyline of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has since been completed and I would love to take the opportunity to continue my ‘Adventures in FFXIV’ with end game information. Now I will try and keep spoilers of the main storyline out of this blog, just for the sake of anyone who comes across it, as best as I can!

In my last update, we had just reached level 20 on my Lancer class and we were yet to even touch base on the prospect of ‘Dragoon’ and other classes. Dragoon and expanding your classes seems to be the most efficient and thorough method of levelling, with a Dragoon class effectively being your primary Lancer role but being able to incorporate actions and traits that are usually restricted to other classes such as Marauder. In order to achieve ‘Dragoon’ or at the very least, open up the quests that run through the Dragoon class, you must have a Lancer at a level 30 and a Marauder at Level 15 (usually prompted by your Lancer tutor). This was an intriguing adventure in itself; the prospect of switching from a DPS role to a Tank, where instead of dealing damage you are receiving damage and obtaining the attention of enemies away from DPS colleagues, is slightly unusual and requires the mindset to be open and quick to change to the role. I have to admit, I did enjoy the Marauder class, perhaps anticipating more damage and death to myself and my skills than I actually encountered.

With my dragoon class now in the bag, alongside a level 15 Marauder which I can resort to levelling up at another time, I could continue onwards to become one with Dragons and achieve the highest levels of Dragoon and Lancer available. Fantastic, let us put this on the back burner for a while!

With progression of the role and the storyline, my character received a healthy opportunistic amount of armour and weaponry, although with my kind FF colleagues providing me with crafted armours worth much more, I had little to no use of it. Had I worn the armour to 100% spiritbond, I could have been able to desynthesis it into materia or something more useful, which I could then send to them, but with only 0%, 1% or perhaps 5% behind each piece, I have little to do but to sell it for minimal amount of gil. Not that I ever regret or wish to remove this amazingly crafted high quality gear at any point, in fact I am quite grateful because it has always meant I go into battles with the right level of equipment on, it just seems a shame for a lot of gear to go to waste and sell for so little.

With now higher quality and better levelled equipment, I progressed through the storyline until the later stages, where larger 8 person dungeons became more common, incorporating 2 tanks, 2 medics and 4 DPS roles. I had to reach that level 50 prior to doing the final and end mission which is part of the primary storyline, so I sought out to do more of the challenge log, completing fates and dungeons and getting extra EXP for completing a certain number of them as per the challenge log states. This is a fantastic idea if you’ve already done the relevant and nearby missions that you can pick up (which is one of the fastest ways to level) because the EXP reward for completing say, 5 fates, or 10 different fates in one week, is in the tens of thousands, helping you to get a huge chunk of EXP for doing challenges which already provide good EXP (such as fates near your level).

So we came to the end-game. I really did enjoy the storyline here and my advice is, always try to watch every cut scene and really enjoy this! My only negative aspect was, as my first playthrough of the end game, despite advising twice to the individuals in my group who we were placed with, they wanted to rush through and get through the game without waiting for those who had never seen the cut scene before. It was incredibly rude and something I wish I could have reported, because by the time one cutscene ended, one of the bosses was down and I had to run to the next area, and when the final, final boss was there, I waited for the end of the cutscene and the entire dungeon had been completed. I was gutted, I didn’t even see what the boss had looked like, or learnt what techniques were required to attack him or succeed in that level (such as whether he does AOE attacks, whether he is immune to certain things, whether he does any particular attacks). It’s a huge shame, because it makes me want to avoid replaying the end game because I don’t want to be part of a group that wishes to rush through and leaves beginners or new individuals watching cutscenes missing the end of it, nor do I want to be criticised for not knowing what to do because I missed it all the first time. It put a nasty taste in my mouth and was, in all honesty the only time that this happened, but was the only one that truly mattered – it was after all, the final boss of the main storyline.

So what is on the cards for the next adventure? Well I’ve still got my level 15 Marauder which requires levelling up, as well as a desire to go absolutely mad with fishing – I didn’t even know there was a fishing class on the game until it was shown to me, so I am super psyched to try and become the level 50 fisher I so desire to be! I will have to come back here and tell you more of my fishing adventures very shortly.

There is also an additional storyline that is available now, since the primary main storyline has completed… so we shall be doing this! Very exciting. Feel free to come down and join in on my FFXIV streams when I play them online, here: twitch.tv/emzolv


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