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Our Top 10 of Rezzed: In Third, Aviary Attorney!


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Releasing this June, this delightfully artistic number sees you playing as Monsieur Jayjay Falcon, described by the developers as a “bird of prey with a good heart and questionable lawyering expertise”. Joined with an apprentice, Sparrowson they take on new clients, interview witnesses and collect evidence, ready to deliver justice as necessary.

What We Thought Of The Game

We were initially attracted to the game due to wonderful artwork inspired by 19th century caricaturist J.J. Grandville, then we were kept there by the inspiring and wonderful script and humor which lasts throughout the playthrough. The game plays through as a primarily story based click game, similar to that of Phoenix Wright and others.

This game has been added to our top 10 as it has to be one of the most memorable, intriguing art pieces of Rezzed and with the humor we couldn’t stop laughing at. We feel this game, which was part of the Leftfield Collection, could really entertain a vast majority of gamers.

Developer Interviews

We want to thank Jeremy Noghani for answering our queries on email post-Rezzed, for taking the time to email us back and keep us up to date!

What was the inspiration behind the game?

The biggest inspiration were the illustrations of J. J. Grandville himself. We came across an archive of his bizarre animal-human characters, and we saw huge potential for a story that starred them. The gameplay has been inspired by Phoenix Wright (obviously!), but we have also taken cues from other narrative-heavy games like SMT: Devil Survivor and Virtue’s Last Reward.

What was the hardest part of developing the game?

The sheer volume of writing is proving to be the greatest challenge, but that’s to be expected considering the game’s genre. We expect there to be well over 100,000 words in the final game script.

What was the best part of development?

Watching the climax scenes come together with the completed animation and music is immensely satisfying.

If you could pick one other game (not yours!) to love at Rezzed, which one would it be?

Plug and Play was our favourite game of Rezzed. It’s sexual innuendo after sexual innuendo, all in minigame form. Watching people’s reactions as they played it was quite something.


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