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Our Top 10 of Rezzed: In Seventh, The Weaponographist!


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Releasing on the 2nd April, The Weaponographist is a high speed, top down, dungeon crawling arena combat game (and breathe!). You play as a the antagonist Doug McGrave who has sourly become the world’s biggest jerk and has become cursed, deservedly, for not assisting the local town which was plagued by demons. Now you are forced to try and overcome the curse by clearing out an old dungeon, only being able to use the weapons, spells and skills dropped before they vanish in your hands.

What We Thought Of The Game

For high paced, action packed and unadulterated fun, this game has more weapons and more spells than you can shake a stick at (although we wouldn’t suggest shaking sticks). The top down view provides an easy arena whilst the fast paced action provides the challenge along with the frustration of not being able to keep weapons you love; yet not knowing what you may pick up next.

It had to be included in our top 10 for simply being incredibly quick and easy to get into, a perfect game if you have only limited time and want something with high impact fun.

Developer Interviews

We were very lucky to catch some time with Danny “Danger” Garfield about the development of this game – thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us!

What was your inspiration behind The Weaponographist? 

I wanted something that could easily appease a short attention span, something incredibly fast paced that would be very entertaining and fun.

What was the hardest part of developing the game?

One of the hardest parts of development had to be creating everything to be ultimately unique – such as each weapon had to each have individual statistics, carefully adjusted so that they can be unique in themselves, yet not so different that one is overpowered or underpowered. I’ve not programmed or developed any RPG games in the past where these sorts of statistics are common, so it took a considerable amount of time and challenge for myself for us to work out so that it would benefit the game.

What was the best part of development?

I absolutely love seeing people play the game at conventions and expos, it is absolutely the most fun part. The demo version contains all the weapons unlocked which causes some chaos (and is limited in the main game from the beginning) but it provides this amazing reaction from people who get excited and pick their favourite weapons.

If you could pick one other game (not yours!) to love at Rezzed, which one would it be?

It absolutely has to be Amplitude!


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