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Our Top 10 of Rezzed: In Second, Afro Samurai 2: The Revenge of Kuma


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Releasing Summer 2015, this fast paced hack and slash action game is a sequel to the wonderful Afro Samurai 1. This game features Kuma as the antagonist, originally the hero and anti-hero from the original. You will play Kuma as he hunts down Afro Samurai to seek revenge for your family being destroyed.

What We Thought Of The Game

The game uses similar combat mechanics as the first, but features a whole wealth of new combats and new special attacks which brings a bit of life to the franchise. The game is still shaded with muted and dark tones representing an atmosphere of revenge, torn emotions and more. The game has not strayed far from the original in the gameplay and overall view and looks to be a fascinating and fun addition to the franchise.

This game had to be included in our top 10 because not only does it look to improve on the original, it stays as true to the franchise as you can with sequels, as well as being one of my favourite dark franchises in anime and games. The frustration during combat to achieve additional trophies or objectives gives enough challenge to most gamers whilst the main storyline is accessible to all.

Developer Interviews

We were lucky to speak to Lance James from Versus Evil who told us all about the game. Thanks so much for letting us have your time, when you were just about to head out onto the floor with cosplay Kuma!

If you could describe Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma in one sentence, what would it be? 

Super hot, bad ass, true to the Afro franchise, experience with Kuma.

What was the inspiration behind the game?

We take a different story where Afro Samurai: Resurrection the movie doesn’t exist and we explore Kuma’s storyline where we can seek revenge with him as the hero, instead of Afro.

What was the hardest part of developing the game?

The hardest part has to be staying true to the franchise and delivering a game which is worthy. We have to go full on Afro and we don’t want to step on the toes of those at the development company who made the original Afro, who are so truly dedicated to the Afro universe. We want to help in what ways we can to inspire new life and bring the series back for Kuma.

What was the best part of development?

It has to be travelling to shows and playing the game, it is great to see everyone react positively to the game and to get feedback. We also love showing with our cosplay Kuma!

If you could pick one other game (not yours!) to love at Rezzed, which one would it be?

This has to be Guild of Dungeoneering, another one of our Versus Evil games!


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