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Our Top 10 of Rezzed: In Fifth, Guild of Dungeoneering!


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Guild of Dungeoneering is an sketch art, turn-based dungeon crawler game where instead of slaughtering everything in the dungeon, you have to build the dungeon around the hero and ensure he makes it through alive! Defeating standard enemies provides you with better items for your hero to use, whilst placing harder, more difficult enemies helps to keep the Dread Meter in check, which helps you to minimise the number of bad things that will happen!

What We Thought Of The Game

We love the art style of the game and how clear and clean cut it is, making for the user interface of creating your dungeon to be easy and understandable. The enemies have an even AI, which makes battles an even and challenging battle instead of overly easy or hard!

We felt this unique take on dungeon crawling games had to be included in our top 10, showing a new inspiration and intuition into a standard type of game, as well as being accessible to a huge profile of gamers.

Developers Interviews

We were very lucky to get to speak to Oliver Garland at Rezzed, who is part of the team who develop the game. Thanks so much Ollie, we really appreciate you taking the time for us!

If you could describe Ragnarok in one sentence, what would it be? 

Dungeon crawler where you build the dungeon and then try to stop the hero from being killed.

What was the inspiration behind the game?

The main influences for the game range from board games like Carcassonne and DungeonQuest to card games like Hearthstone and to other indie games like FTL and Spelunky.

What was the hardest part of developing the game?

Alongside the usual funding problems which come up with small development, in terms of creating the game, there was some difficulty ensuring that the enemies and the combat was balanced, so that it wasn’t overly easy nor were the enemies over powered. I feel we have got a good level going at the moment.

What was the best part of development?

The best part has to be how the game has come together, with such an awesome team. It has a great art style and is reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons which I think is awesome. We were also greenlit on Steam which was fantastic news!

If you could pick one other game (not yours!) to love at Rezzed, which one would it be?

One of the only games I’ve managed to see but love is Nuclear Throne.


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